Founded in 1996, we work on projects pertaining
to conservation and biodiversity research,
conservation, and advocacy.

We believe that Peru's best strategy for
sustainable development is through conserving its
vast biodiversity and respecting indigenous human
rights.  This is a tremendous task requiring
participation by government and civil society as
well as interdisciplinary collaboration among
biologists, anthropologists, policy-makers, social
scientists and citizens.

The benefits and payoffs to conserving flora and
fauna of the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains,
and coastal deserts are incalculable.  The future of
our planet depends on maintaining intact and
healthy ecosystems.  At no time in history have
these diverse ecosystems been so threatened.
The time to act is now.
November 2010
Campaign to save University of San
Marcos Natural History Museum:  
Letter to President of San Marcos
University. : Campaign to
Week of
(Click on letter to read.)
Nov. 29 & 30.  Workshop on
re-categorization of endangered
species in Peru.
Conatura:  Participation in
workshops,conferences, and
Dec. 4:  Working group meeting,
Peruvian program for
Conservation News and
December 10,11.  San Marcos
Natural History Museum: Special
exhibition of collections.  Free for
children.  Watch a video about this
valuable biodiversity collection:
Invitación al museo